Neelam’s research centers around social network analyses, particularly, the network indicators of individual and organizational behavior and success. She uses both statistical and causal inference methods. In addition, a significant portion of her work focuses on the development and application of new research methods, especially those that reduce the burden of network data collection.

Her current research areas include: (1) Science of Science: understanding how funding promotes (or inhibits) cross-boundary scientific collaboration and how exogenous factors drive the rate and direction of scientific discovery; (2) Public Health/Family Planning: investigating how targeted social interactions can achieve social influence at scale (a case study on modern contraceptive use in rural Kenya); and (3) Consumer Behavior: exploring how socially-influenced product competition relations can inform engineering design decisions in the context of the U.S. car market.

Neelam has presented her work at numerous conferences worldwide, including those hosted by the Academy of Management (AOM), International Communication Association (ICA), and International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA).